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Recent speaking topics

The Power of Misfits: Misfits are the gangsters on the corners of Cape Town townships, Mumbai slums, and rough New York City neighborhoods. Misfits are the young hackers on the digital frontlines of the virtual world. Misfits are the pirates of the 18th century high seas. Misfits are the invisible con artists among us. This talk will bring attention to the ingenuity and innovation happening on the fringes. We’ll learn from diverse innovators operating in the black market and informal economies and examine the principles and philosophies that animate their work and creations. 


Do-It-Yourself Economy: Local, citizen-based innovation is transforming the shape of our economy - from makers, to user-generated entrepreneurship, and peer-to-peer enterprise, the face of capitalism is becoming DIY. This talk explores emerging patterns of grassroots economy and what we can soon expect to spring up in our own backyards. 


Rise up Cubicle Warriors: How to master the art of driving change from within large corporations and bureaucratic institutions. This talk offers lesser-known tips for stealthily transforming organizations from the inside-out. 





I give a range of talks at companies, industry events, public forums and festivals. To book me please contact my speaking agent: 


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Upcoming Events

Recent past talks: Aspen Ideas Festival, Google, Wired Money, Institute for the Future, Harvard Business School, Power to the Pixel, Microsoft, re:publica, Lift, SXSW, World Affairs Council, Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Harvard Design School, PopTech, Chicago Ideas Week, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation.


Upcoming (Summer/Fall 2016):


Future Day (Frankfurt, Germany, June 16th)

Unilever (New York, June 23rd)

Trailerpark I/O (Copenhagen, July 29th)

Intrapreneur Summit (New York, Sept. 8th)

Hopscotch Design Festival (Raleigh, NC, Sept. 9th)

ColorForward (Turin, Italy, Sept. 13th)

P&G - World Design Meeting (Cincinnati, Sept. 26th)

CMO Forum (Washington, DC., Sept. 29th) 

Wealth Manager Conference (Hertfordshire, UK, Oct. 6th)

World Knowledge Forum (Seoul, South Korea, Oct 11-13th)

Boston Book Fair (Cambridge, MA, Oct. 16th)

CultureShift (New York City, Nov. 4th) 

Media Research Group (Warsaw, Poland, Nov. 16th)

NLD Nor (Norway, Nov. 22-24)