I talk to people. I try to talk to anyone and everyone: CEOs, artists, entrepreneurs, criminals, gangsters, pirates, mothers, scientists, conspiracy theorists, hermits. 


I use conversation as a tool for understanding the state of the world. I use conversation to find connection. I use conversation for play.


I always grew up appreciating misfits. Both my parents worked as anthropologists and had a fascination for other cultures and an appreciation of difference.


My mother worked with Dr. John Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist. Together they investigated “experiencers” of UFO abductions around the world. And my father spent a lot of time in the Amazon rainforest working with indigenous groups and building sustainable markets for smallholders. My stepmother was one of the first franchisees of the Body Shop in the U.S. You could say that growing up I was always surrounded by misfits, exploring new frontiers of consciousness and commerce.


Later at Brown and Oxford, I spent time studying poetry and philosophy, which are essentially meccas for misfits and those who are pushing boundaries and questioning society’s rules.


I like working on topics and trends where narratives have yet to crystallize. Where our standard operating scripts don't apply. 


My first book, The Misfit Economy, co-authored with Kyra Maya Phillips came out with Simon & Schuster in June 2015. In this book, we debunk categories of good and evil and explore what we can learn from all misfits - great and small. 


When not traveling in search of misfits, you can often find me writing in coffee shops in Berlin, provoking people with costumes, or near the sea. 








B.A. Brown University, Development Studies

MSc. Oxford University, Economic History


+ co-author, The Misfit Economy, a book published w/ Simon & Schuster (June 2015)


+ founder, Wisdom Hackers, an incubator for public-interest philosophy (2014) 


+ co-founder, The Human Agency, a multi-disciplinary LEARN/DO collective (2013 - present) 


+ co-founder, The League of Intrapreneurs, a movement working to bring change from within (2012 - present)


+ Director, New Economy, Ashoka (Washington, DC, 2012-2013); mapped new economy innovations  


+ Manager, Knowledge and Learning, Ashoka (DC, 2010-2012); interviewed leading social entrepreneurs and developed analysis of grassroots innovation  


+ Consultant, SustainAbility (London, 2007-2010); worked with Fortune 500 companies on sustainability strategy


+ Read philosophy and lived in a windmill in Portugal (2007)


+ Researcher, Watson Institute for International Studies (Providence, RI - 2005-2006); interviewed communities around the world impacted by military toxics and US military basing 

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