"A snappy introduction to a new way of thinking." 

- The Financial Times


"A peon to the quirkier members of society."
- The Economist 


The Misfit Economy explores how the other half innovates drawing on stories from from the lives of gangsters, pirates, hackers, and slum dwellers. 



"Alexa shows us how actors in the informal economy are innovators whose importance equals that of Richard Branson or Steve Jobs." 

- VICE Magazine


"Alexa Clay is a fresh voice and fast-rising star with an edgy and thought-provoking message from the front lines of the often invisible creative economy. A brilliant and engaging storyteller, she takes you inside the hearts and minds of the innovators working on the fringes, inspiring us to rethink our assumptions about what's next." 

- Peter Sims

  author of Little Bets and founder of BLK SHP 


"In an era where fluidity among genders, races, disciplines and professions has become the key to a full presence in the world, Alexa is the ultimate guide. She speaks from a position of knowledge and authority, but her empirical approach and her unique sense of humour make her intuition and theories approachable and attainable." 

- Paola Antonelli
  Director, Research & Development

  The Museum of Modern Art



Alexa is the co-author of the best selling book The Misfit Economy (Simon & Schuster), named one of the best business books to read by the World Economic Forum, TechRepublic, The Telegraph and Huffington Post. 


With degrees from Brown University and Oxford, she is the leading expert on subcultures and innovation from unlikely places. 


Alexa believes the underworld is filled with natural-born-innovators and they have more in common with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs or Exxon, than you might think. Today, she is working to create more inclusive innovation ecosystems in cities and regions across the U.S.  

"Amid the characteristics that make a successful entrepreneur, one stood out:

juvenile delinquency."


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ALEXA CLAY Chief Misfit. Innovation Expert. Tech Provocateur. Researcher.