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I research, write and speak on topics related to underground and grassroots innovation, technological change, economic transition and the power of misfits.


My background is in ethnography, the history and philosophy of science, creative writing under poet Bob Creeley, and 18th and 19th century moral philosophy and economic theory. 




One misfit at a time


"Alexa Clay is a fresh voice and fast-rising star with an edgy and thought-provoking message from the front lines of the often invisible creative economy. A brilliant and engaging storyteller, she takes you inside the hearts and minds of the innovators working on the fringes, inspiring us to rethink our assumptions about what's next." 

- Peter Sims, author of Little Bets and founder of BLK SHP 


"Alexa shows us how actors in the informal economy are innovators whose importance equals that of Richard Branson or Steve Jobs." 

- VICE Magazine


"Alexa Clay blew my mind, not only because of her vision of misfits as innovators, a bridging species between the old and the new economy, that fight against institutional inertia, but for her capacity of having apparently endless cool side projects. Going beyond of the moral issues that divide the world into good and evil, in The Misfit Economy she documented the practices that were used by hackers, copycats or pirates to innovate." 

- Excerpt from Power to the Pixel review




Speaking with King Tone, the former leader of the Latin Kings, about what it is like to run an underground organization


Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Google, Wired Money, Chicago Ideas Festival, Social Media Week & PopTech.  


My talk at the Lift Conference in Geneva, "Misfit Subculture: Learning from Hermits, Gangsters, and Occupiers" now available to watch here.

My alter-ego, the Amish Futurist, interviews Douglas Rushkoff and gets his advice for tech founders. Check out the video. 


Taking a cross-country bus trip to rediscover America's "true north" in collaboration with the BLK SHP. 


My interview with Aengus Anderson of The Conversation now available for listening. 


An article I wrote on "Growing up Alien," featured in Aeon.  

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